23 October 2010


Just finished this wall sculpture:

They showed up just at the right time. They were regular guys. Some were a little "rough" around the edges. They were discards, used.....but not used up. There was not a superstar among them. Not one of them "too" fond of the limelight. But like those in the past have shown, it does not take a "superstar" , what it takes is a team. A team that can count on one of its guys filling the slot that needs to be filled, and getting the job done that needs to be done. Misfits.....I don't see it that way. Maybe, they are just the team for the times. Good luck guys. Make it a good series. Fight hard and entertain us all.....and.......GO GIANTS!

13 October 2010


Sometimes I return to my roots. I still feel the tug of those Italian renaissance architectural models. In the spirit of those is this sideboard. It is the color of liquid honey, rubbed and burnished. The top is dark waxed steel. The drawers are mounted at the sides and the pull is articulated as a window opening. The doors are concealed in the architecture, there are small strips of bone inlay at the base of the arch at the center and atop the keystone is a small gilt pot-au-feu (pot of fire) anchoring the center.

11 October 2010


Just finished a large wall hung plate rack. Headed to Bennett Galleries. www.bennettgalleries.com Destined to anchor a good wall and frame a bevy of dishes. Very graphic, inlaid with bone discs and bands, carved oddities all-over, small wrought steel pulls on thin cabinets at the base.