29 March 2010


Putting some of the finishing touches on the front porch. Finally getting to the cladding on the pocket door housing. Decided to stretch some of the reclaimed redwood as trim only and inset panels of raw steel. I have stove blacked them and will give a coat of wax too. Love the color. After we temporarily placed the black roofing felt over the plywood sheathing it was hard to not stick with black.

04 March 2010


Just installed this cabinet in a very beautiful house that Nicole Hollis interiors www.nicolehollis.com has pulled together with the help of an inspired client. Happy birthday HM. It is combed, rubbed and waxed black, on a wood frame with an inlay of lead and bone. I grooved in roman numerals I through XXXII, in the bone, at the center of each door horizontal. The entire house is a beautiful material mix of old stone reclaimed french oak floors limed fir and sandblasted pine. Hair on Hyde on the walls, great soft leathers, and hand troweled smooth colored plaster. Radiant floors, all run by a mile of geo-thermal tubing. Very green, very natural, and not a bit too crunchy. Very beautiful all around.

03 March 2010

Trish at www.trouvais.com passed on to me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks Trish. I have really enjoyed pouring through her blog and always find her collection of images inspiring. She has a great aesthetic. Blogs like hers are what make scanning blogs worth doing for me. I would highly recommend stopping by her site. I am not really sure what to say about me getting a blogger award. Still consider myself a neophyte blogger. Still learning the ins and outs. I have found it to be a very useful outlet and creative diary and place to collect and objectify some of my thoughts. If it is a road that leads someplace I could not really say. Maybe thats not the point. So, evidently I am supposed to tell seven things about myself that people do not know. Not convinced that anyone wants to know these and I suspect that there are many more than just seven but here is a shot.

1. I went to the United States Naval Academy.
2. I have one filling.
3. I love to swim in very cold water.
4. The high Sierras are a piece of heaven to me.
5. So is Lucca.
6. I don't like cats, the exception being Antigone.
7. When I grow up I want to live on the Mediterranean.
Seven Blogs that I enjoy, obviously the too short list:

www.spinthebottleny.com, good, plucky and intelligent gal, kind of my sister in law
www.dennyhollandstudio.blogspot.com , artful, inspiring, insightful
www.indecouroustaste.com , savage beauty
www.moroccanmaryam.typepad.com , great images, thoughtful, inspiring
www.kiva.org , what an idea, yeah I know its not a blog but watch the video