13 September 2009


More and more I am using recycled materials. I have always considered myself pretty green friendly. Though honestly
it is as much, if not more, the nature of some of these materials that draws me. A painted surface that has oxidized, wood that has silvered under the weather. Galvanized metal that has started to rust. Old wire that has rusted and been burnished with use. It is hard to compete with time. A good friend Denise has not exactly fallen for the sofa made from our stone crates from Turkey but I am sure that it is growing on her.

Re-purposing also has its rewards. I have been stockpiling bits of "found objects" that eventually will find their place in some sculpture. I found some old growth redwood railroad ties that had been re-purposed in the 40's as fence posts in Los Banos on a cattle operation. Over time the weather and cows had worn them into beautiful totems. Not sure what my use will be but I think they are too good to pass on.

The barrel vault on the ceiling of the bathroom is sheathed in wine stained oak. The crystallized deposits almost like salt rubbed into the grain.

Scaffold boards have been beaten into a finish like driftwood. Makes a great base for a large low- slung zinc topped coffee table.

Have you ever seen a mud shoe? I am not really sure of the era but they are wood inlaid with silver and mother of pearl. We found them at a flea market a few years ago. They are now sconces in the bathroom. The shades are made from spools of rebar tie wire.

My front doors material had been hidden under the old stucco for 60 years. It was the old barn siding from the house's original purpose. I would never have chosen the color but its perfect. Back doors, too, are cousins from an old drying shed. The pattern of the slats, worn over time.

I found some great old corrugated that came from an old barn and used them as part of the fence around the pool.

The kids call it the cereal cabinet. The center of it is an old dutch dough bowl. I had to plane the surround of it flat. then set it into a cabinet made of grey/white waxed poplar. I would love to see an entire wall made of these bowls, some of which can get large.

On the hall ceiling are a pair of lights made from old glass art slides. The light projects on to the ceiling and walls.

Reclaimed redwood planks are now my garden gate. Strips of galvanized steel as battens.

If you ever get to Petaluma there is a treasure trove of materials salvaged from near and far. http://heritagesalvage.com/buildingmaterials.html Peruse their website and you will get the idea. As I write this I am realizing just how far into this I have gotten. I didn't even tell you about the lichen covered fir 2x8's that I am having re-sawn to cover the pocket door housing.


  1. i love your blog and love napa... i will be coming again this fall and will be in touch... have a great day... thanks for stopping by mine... sincerely, pam

  2. Daniel, your work is beautiful, beautiful! I love the coffee table zinc covered, I love the mud shoe sconce, and everything else...so talented! Thanks for sharing with us. If it's ok with you, I am going to share on my blog....;)

  3. Oh! the cross light! Oh! the mud shoe ceiling sconce! Some of the very best upcycling I have seen.