04 March 2010


Just installed this cabinet in a very beautiful house that Nicole Hollis interiors www.nicolehollis.com has pulled together with the help of an inspired client. Happy birthday HM. It is combed, rubbed and waxed black, on a wood frame with an inlay of lead and bone. I grooved in roman numerals I through XXXII, in the bone, at the center of each door horizontal. The entire house is a beautiful material mix of old stone reclaimed french oak floors limed fir and sandblasted pine. Hair on Hyde on the walls, great soft leathers, and hand troweled smooth colored plaster. Radiant floors, all run by a mile of geo-thermal tubing. Very green, very natural, and not a bit too crunchy. Very beautiful all around.


  1. Stunning Daniel...the wine case is a showstopper! Your handcrafting and brilliant artistry is evident throughout the piece...and does the beautiful home proud!



  2. FABULOUS. yes, i did not want to return... coming to your neighborhood next... will let you know... have a great week!