17 June 2010


Maybe I should not post after a couple of glasses of wine but here goes: I have come into posession of a very cool, very sexy "appliance" that i feel i should share with you all. (all of you that there are). I have struggled between feeling conspicuous carrying this around and worrying about dropping it or smooshing it under something in the studio. So here I have found a solution that both makes it mine, protects it from my hazardous lifestyle, and somehow juxtaposes its "apple magic" with just enough for me, luddite chic. It is an IPAD bound in a (set into) a wooden binding (think sketchbook). The cover is combed black over brown over wood (has a parchment panel) and was then waxed. The binding has a zinc plate with my initials and then a parchment tab with my lucky 13 homage to dewey. The inside surrounds flush to the IPAD and has a small thumb access to slip it out to recharge. The gilt lining flashes; winks at you. The inside cover is sheathed in an ancient music sheet, complete with musicians pencil scribble/notes. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I won't make you sit through one of the very cool slide shows of my pictures......Thanks again Glenn and Linda.


  1. OK that does it, I have to have one!!



  2. Thanks Kit. And CONGRATS on being voted top 5! Way to go!