15 November 2010


This December we are participating in the St. Helena Schools Holiday Home Tour. This annual event features homes in the Napa Valley decorated for the holidays. This is a fundraiser for the St. Helena Primary and Elementary School Parent Group- a worthy cause! With 6 homes on the tour you are bound to find some great inspiration! For information, please see www.sthelenaholidayhometour.org. Hope to see you.


  1. I would love to see what you've created out there ... Since I can't, I just tweeted the information so that others will. I hope you get a good turnout.

  2. So inspired and inspiring!! Love your Xmas decor.....the scrap wood Xmas tree greeting visitors at the door and the stacked log Xmas tree in the back garden were adorable.But I have to say my favorite touch was the Xmas tree topper made of artists paint brushes.....clever, cool and current. Bravo!