12 February 2011


Breadmakers Klismos chair 1

redwood slab seat, bone inlay, handrail legs, 1/2 an antique wooden dough bowl as the back

The work is finished.  The show is hung.   I hope you enjoy it.  The exhibit runs through April 30, 2011 at the Napa Valley Museum.  Thanks Jennifer for all your hard work!

Garden Variety Nest

old split rail redwood fencing and various farm discards

Top view of Klismos chair

Bloom Cabinet

cabinet clad in discarded flower box tin,  old rivet strike handle

Nuts, Trading Places, Brush Work, and La Bella Figura

acorns, antique glass trade beads, much loved brushes

fence posts, ebony/ivory piano keys, old fence wire and mesh, garden stakes, trash can bodice

Broad Side and La Bella Figura

old plywood, barn siding. gunshot barn cladding, a barrel bung and used oak flooring

                                                                 view from the back

Liar/Lair painting, No Time Like the Present Sun Dial, and Sunlight

Lead roofing an old Walnut root, window sash weight, old water pipes, tin and an old steel blade

Close up

Spare Room painting,Nail fetish Box, Dark horse Desk

Route Blanc Chair and Piege
redwood slabs, bone inlay, old hemp sacking, old strap style barbed wire, shovel handle

                                              view toward La Bella Figura and Broad Side

Confundus detail


  1. Will certainly visit! want to see~

  2. A must see exhibition. You do recycled in a most extraordinary way. We are pleased we flew out to see the show. Congratulations Dan!