31 December 2009


To start the new year we are resurrecting an old tradition of having a new year brunch. It has been on hiatus for more than a few years now but Excuses about having a house under construction are wearing pretty thin. One of the best things about this time of year is having the opportunity to gather our friends and family around us and take the time to not take them for granted. I often say that I have got to be one of the luckiest men alive to be able to do what I do and actually have people appreciate it but that can hardly compare to that rare and special combo that is my family. Chris, Lauren, Owen, and Tilly, you inspire me. Happy New Year! Love, D

23 December 2009


We have reached that time of year when you have done just about all you can do. It is a time to retreat into the cocoon of family and friends. Celebrate the triumphs and reflect upon the failures and know that it can be new again. I look forward to just sitting in front of a roaring fire and watching it's movement, letting its warmth wash over me. Shake off all that high design angst and go sledding and build a snowman! I wish you all a very happy holiday and an exuberant start to the new year. Thanks for having a look and see you next year!


17 December 2009


Ready to pick up today and heading back East to one of my favorite clients and friends is this biblio cabinet. It was conceived as a fresh upstart cousin to a piece that I made almost twenty years ago. They will join ranks in a house that I designed that is just being finished (hopefully a post for another day). Inlaid with bone, ebony and lead, and gilt French oak, with waxed steel pulls. Thank you Glenn and Linda for your patronage and friendship.

21 November 2009


At long last the details are coming together in the kitchen. Not that we had not been using it, but countertops and drawer fronts are a plus, not to mention doors on the cabinets. I guess it is one of the hazards of doing this for a living. Kind of like the cobbler who's family has no shoes. Our home has always been part showroom, part experiment, and another part open ended mystery. I like to call it comfortable upheaval. I am sure it has been referred to using other words too. Thanksgiving is just around the bend. It is my favorite holiday. Just family and friends and food without the angst of gift getting. I am very happy with the way it has turned out. Turned out so far that is........Thank you Glenn and Linda and Morocco for the tile, Waleed for the small sculpture, Chris for your patience. Happy Thanksgiving!