15 September 2010


It was brought to my attention that while I have focused on many parts of this project in Saint Helena I have not given a very good overview. What is the sum of all those parts? This post is an attempt to give a more complete view. I live in a state of comfortable upheaval. Change is the constant. This project is my experiment, my laboratory, my sketchbook. This is a bit of a walk through. I will follow with a view from the outside looking in.


  1. The valance(?) detail - is that an old curve template?

  2. Tricia,

    The trim in front of the curtain (old help sheet) is a wood cutout that I made and covered in lead sheet, attached with small brass pins. Lead is a great soft material, I worked pattern (small lines and circles) into it. Then I rubbed some paint on that worked its way into the depressions. The overall line is very reminiscent of some old curve templates that I have. Would be a great use.

  3. daniel... your home is stunning...
    we are trying to get a hotel or anything for wkend of oct 8,9,10 and cannot find a thing... any ideas? john and i definitely want to meet you and see your place if you are available!

    we are open to where we stay... some friends are in yountville... we dont have to be there... thoughts? should have booked months ago...

  4. Daniel, your home truly takes my breath away, amazingly unique!

    Art by Karena