22 August 2010


A bench is not just a bench. It can be an envelope, a scenic overlook, a shelter, a dias, a cocoon, a place to hang your hat, rest your head and prop your feet. Something to hold on to, something that holds on to you; a bench to be sure, with no excuses, and no pretense, but not under any circumstance just a bench.

18 August 2010


Come in in.....

Hanging around


Not just for Holy water any more

Like an aviary/roost the pediment nods

The side dutifully hangs

A stair model that never was to be more than just a model.....well, maybe not just yet

Her inseam is very sharp

Just finished

05 August 2010


Something found and something blue, or at least just a hint of blue. Lots of work done by all these things; each with a story to tell. Most of these pieces have been sitting in the studio after being "found" someplace, or came with the house, or were buried in the yard. Tool heads, some old barrel base oak, the old barrier boards to the crawl space, part of our old stove, and a great flywheel from ??? No shortage of metal bits around here. A leftover piece of angel wing and an exotic bell. There is something that both stirs and soothes/reassures my creativity in making these "found" objects. It has all come together and is now ready to roll into its next incarnation.....BLUE.


A tongue,a fig, a tripod and a REAL corner

The way in

Sample trove

Saw blade, hemp, music sheets and Un Hui carving

The reds

The black and whites

The drafting corner Great grandpa Rafaello's red stool from the Bella Vista

My big cup, Wiz's wayward post-it, clay marbles and Chinese feet

Linen and Hemp and African glass

Sample trove behind the curtain

Light at night

Same Rafaello's builders bible, from when there was one.....

Sample trove cabinet

Madonna gone, Favorite kid pic, my tete a tete bench in St. Remy, confirmed luddite tools of the trade, chain saw Doris

An Oursin (urchin) basket from Cassis, some pipe, a flower frog, and a gear, now a light

Strays up close

At long last? After spending 50 years as a kitchen the last of the cabinets have either been taken to the dump or re-hung in the paint area of the studio. The walls have been patched and painted and the coolest steel windows have been stripped down and cleaned up. The new travertine has replaced the worn linoleum and before I knew it the drafting table and sample trove have found a home. It is a merging of pieces orphaned in too long temporary quarters. All with a view of the young olive grove. A corner office, REALLY?