19 May 2010


The way in.....the handle is a hand wrought rivet strike found at the Alameda flea market. The perforations in the door give just a hint..................

The shower is lined in bejmat tiles from morocco and the doorway surround is wrapped in zinc.

The ceiling is a flattened barrel vault made of reclaimed French oak. The crystal formations like salt rubbed into the grain.

A trove of linens take residence in a cabinet made of an old window sash. The sculpture on top was on our wedding cake (21 years ago)

The vanity and soapstone sink

The mirror frame is made of parchment (goatskin), the sconces are old mud shoes mounted on a steel plate. The mud shoes are wood, silver, and mother of pearl.

mud shoe sconce detail

The pivoting door

view from closet towards tub and perforated sliding privacy/light screen/shutter

linen case

Zinc clad tub surround and light/privacy screen

with one screen rolled over window

door to loggia and pool

view from shower toward the throne with limed poplar surround/cabinet

zinc top on limed cabinet and a thick waxed rubbed wooden frame

detail of limed poplar cabinet with waxed steel pulls and concealed flush?

high oval window and parchment mirror frame and barrel vault


detail, Moroccan tile, parchment frame, bird in hand

back of door and linen cabinet

view towards loggia and pool


  1. Wow, I'm blown away. When are you giving tours?!

  2. Your attention to details is remarkable! you have designed a stunning bathroom retreat.

  3. Stunning, staggering creativity wrought real!


  4. i am speechless... what a talent you have daniel... you should have your home photographed... and i know the man who can do it! i may try to come mid june... will let you know... not sure if i can get away... would LOVE to...

  5. utterly fantabulous, ingredients would make a jewish grandmother proud.
    how the heck can your brain create such wonderful scenes?
    daniel, i agree, you should be in pictures.
    this completely annihilates 'house beautiful' or 'cottage living' homes.
    well done my boy!

  6. Ignore the body floating in the clouds....it's just me, having died and gone to heaven. I became breathless at this breathtaking work.
    Mo in KCMO

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