25 November 2010


All the kids are home from school, my parents are in town and it is a spectacular fall day. Started the morning with a run and rounded the corner to catch this light blasting through the small oval in the entry. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The family, the friends , the food, mostly just the time to sit back and be a little thankful for the things that go right, and being able to do something that I love and have people actually appreciate it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

15 November 2010


This December we are participating in the St. Helena Schools Holiday Home Tour. This annual event features homes in the Napa Valley decorated for the holidays. This is a fundraiser for the St. Helena Primary and Elementary School Parent Group- a worthy cause! With 6 homes on the tour you are bound to find some great inspiration! For information, please see www.sthelenaholidayhometour.org. Hope to see you.

08 November 2010


What to do? I am planning a show of my work at the Napa Valley Museum to open in Feb 2011. It is starting to come together. Maybe a nest at the entrance to draw you in? A show makes me ask myself again what it is that I am trying to do? It is an opportunity to take a snapshot of the current evolution of my work, it is an experiment in a different kind of space. I have had meetings with the museums director and exhibit committees, measured the space and it has been an education to talk about my work from the exhibit point of view and to hear about how other people view it and envision an exhibit of it. Choosing what pieces to include or to make for the show; how to lay them out in the space, how I would like them to be viewed, how the show should unfold; it is an opportunity for me to view my work from a different angle, to stand back and re-examine its purpose. Function and Art, Art and its function, function is art? Art is its function? To be continued.....