08 June 2011


I am just finishing a project that I would like to share with you.  There are two buildings on the property.  One is called the pool house and the other a guest house.  The guest house I will get to in a later post.  The pool house is a small hollow brick building built in the 1920's.  It has great old steel windows and sits in the middle of a vineyard.  This is what she looked like when I first saw it.....

the front

the back

yes that is a moon gate (there were two)

the pantry

the pizza oven

It has come together, it has been transformed.  A shade structure and firepit were built.  Some walls lost some walls gained.  New paint, new kitchen, new bath.  It is a mix of pieces found and pieces made.  It reflects the owners passions and warmth.  To cut to the chase.....
 this is what she looks like now.....

the refurbished front door with inscribed lead trim (the client is an avid cyclist)

wine domino table
crate chair
old galvanized wash pan 

view from the dining side

black beauty bench
old galvanized wash pan

linen quilted back pad on bench

route blanc table
Italian mountain passes hammered into steel at edge
old tobacco barn oak from Blacks Farmwood 

detail of working women painting on board found at Obsolete in Venice CA

steel windows were stripped and then raw steel was waxed

the new powder room
bluestone floor from Bay Area Bluestone

mirror made from 1930 SF Chronicle blotter paper
bowl carved from boulder

office magnet wall and beater lamp

old milk can

view from new kitchen

new kitchen 
tile from Mosaic House

1920's green lunch box

new pantry

stair to cellar

truck ice sign and soapstone counter/hemp sacking curtain

 newly made in the shade

Passo Gavia bench
zinc back

time to party

next time, guest house.....