24 February 2012


Just finished this large cabinet.  The front is composed puzzle-like of different sized doors, the pulls concealed in the edges of the applied circular segments.  Painted with many coats of white and then Burnished and warmed by an applied coat of wax.  The top is whitewashed zinc.

11 February 2012


As volumes are defined and finishes are just starting to show their faces, the promise of a vision realized starts to tease me along.  A pleasure to be pulling this off with the team from Trainor builders trainorbuilders.com

detail of sample of planking finish on stair walls

windows and doors that disappear

 view to powder room sink wall

bears head reclaimed from old stone fireplace to be new font at powder room sink (to mount in wall)

 new fireplace

one more coat of stucco to go and steel panels are in place and waxed

master with beams taken from old house

 view up from the pool

oval window (and then there was one)


detail waxed steel panels

Doors made from recycled fir from original house
bleaching and drying

waxed steel


LARGE door that evaporates behind slot at rear of fireplace

board formed concrete at outside terrace meets stucco

"Driftwood" Old Fir recaptured from old house walls alongside tile and Calacatta marble slab

stucco sample, just the right mix of black and brown and grey, hard trowel finsh