21 November 2009


At long last the details are coming together in the kitchen. Not that we had not been using it, but countertops and drawer fronts are a plus, not to mention doors on the cabinets. I guess it is one of the hazards of doing this for a living. Kind of like the cobbler who's family has no shoes. Our home has always been part showroom, part experiment, and another part open ended mystery. I like to call it comfortable upheaval. I am sure it has been referred to using other words too. Thanksgiving is just around the bend. It is my favorite holiday. Just family and friends and food without the angst of gift getting. I am very happy with the way it has turned out. Turned out so far that is........Thank you Glenn and Linda and Morocco for the tile, Waleed for the small sculpture, Chris for your patience. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Daniel this is so gorgeous! Can we just all move in?? We will be up to visit you in the next week or two, it has been hectic since Thanksgiving. Hope yours was fine, I am sure it was!! Looking forward!

    a bientot


  2. LOVE THIS.... i love the wood stacked...book cases...kitchen... i wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season... chow down on the fruitcake!

  3. This is an incredible kitchen! I have been thinking a lot about kitchen design, and have come to the conclusion that the best long kitchens (for lack of a better word) are flush against a wall, with no corners. I am going to study these pictures again. So glad to have found your blog!

  4. Wow,

    love this kitchen......
    I think that a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom with french doors out to a great patio garden looking out over a field and then woods are all one needs in life...
    One of the best kitchens I have seen...

    I wonder why we build giant homes???
    I can tell you that when I owned a home with 5 bathrooms my kids always used my bathroom and still do with their own... So, i reality we often do not live in a natural flow with how we use space or even how we feel emotion in a room.....