23 December 2009


We have reached that time of year when you have done just about all you can do. It is a time to retreat into the cocoon of family and friends. Celebrate the triumphs and reflect upon the failures and know that it can be new again. I look forward to just sitting in front of a roaring fire and watching it's movement, letting its warmth wash over me. Shake off all that high design angst and go sledding and build a snowman! I wish you all a very happy holiday and an exuberant start to the new year. Thanks for having a look and see you next year!



  1. Daniel I hope it was a happy and exhaling Christmas for you, Christine and the family! I can just picture you all sitting in front of the roaring fire....but sledding and snowman...are you in Napa, or PA??

    All the best to you in the New Year. I really love your blog and will be looking forward to more.

    Bonne Annee!


  2. daniel..
    i love this post... sounds like heaven... i feel the same way... sometimes doing something so simple is the very best thing in the whole wide world... happy new year... pam