23 February 2010


finally a place for that


the soapstone zinc on the zinc (ode to Baltimore)

from the loggia


thats what happens when you lay an old boxspring in the yard and years later a tree grows through it (close in on the stump)

lead faced cabinet for the micro

Recently finished the pantry. It had been the last hold out in the "new" part of the house and the catch-all for stray construction odds and ends. Finally have some shelves for all the big stuff that we like so much. Had a great New Years bash and set up the drinks in there. I was happy to see people hang out in there, became part of the living space.


  1. Hi Dan it looks just as beautiful in these photos as when I saw it Sunday...a pantry to die for, people! And Cris did a fabulous job with the Belgian linen curtains, I love the entire effect.

    I need that micro cabinet! wonderful!!


  2. love it all... and that sink is amazing...

    sorry you have not heard from me... one client went crazy (i quit the job) horrible couple of weeks. and the others have had a terrible family emergency ... so i will get back to you on the table...

    have a wonderful sunday...

  3. Great work..i really love your style, architecture,materials, sensitivity. the soapstone sink is my favorite. i love to use soapstone even if it is a relatively fragile material